Hi, my name is Chris Veldt (left in the picture),

The journey of Spotter Coffee begins with a one-and-a-half-year trip that I made through Australia. Imagine this; you are living in a little van with the freedom to go wherever you want to, not knowing what the next day will bring or what kind of beautiful people you are going to meet this time. But of course, you need money along the way to pay the bills.

I worked as a truck driver on a quarry, a crocodile caretaker in a zoo, a lifeguard in a waterpark, a tractor driver on a massive tractor with GPS and a lot of other fun jobs. My last job was a removalist with a furniture removal company in Sydney. One day I moved a nice young guy how made cold brew coffee in his garage. He sold his product all around Sydney to gyms. In the beginning I thought it was weird to drink cold coffee, till I tasted it! I was completely blown away!

On the market there are almost no healthy pre- workouts, while doing sport should be healthy right? Meanwhile back in The Netherlands I did lots of research on the internet about cold brew coffee. I wanted to know the history behind it, the local availability and if people in Holland knew the existence of it. After hours of research my coffee experiments began. Months went by while I was trying out different coffee beans, all sorts of grind options and various amounts etc. Till I finally had the perfect compound!

Drink Spotter Coffee and surprise yourself with its tastiness, strength and naturalness.

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