You can make beautiful recipes with Spotter Coffee.
Spotter Coffee with milk

Spotter Coffee with soy-, almond-, coconut-, oat- or regular milk is always a good combination.

Add the amount of milk you prefer.


- 50 ML Spotter Coffee
- 100 ML Tonic
- A piece of grapefruit
- Ice cubes

Place the ice cubes in a glass and pour 100 ML Tonic to it.
Then add 50 ML Spotter Coffee and last put the piece of gapefruit in you drink. 

Spotter Coffee with ice cream and liqueur

Option 1:
- Spotter Coffee Naturel
- Amaretto
- Salted caramel ice cream

Put two scoops of salted caramel ice cream in a glass.
Pour 125 ml Spotter Coffee on top of it.
To finish the drink add Amaretto to it.

Option 2:
- Spotter Coffee Naturel
- licor 43
- Vanilla ice cream

Put two scoops of vanilla ice cream in a glass.
Pour 125 ml Spotter Coffee on top of it.
o finish the drink add Licor 43 to it.
Spotter Coffee Pirate

- 50 ML Spotter Coffee 
- 20 ML dark Rum
- 1 teaspoon of brown sugar
- A piece of lime
- Ice cubes

Put 1 teaspoon of brown sugar in a glass and place the ice cubes on top of it.
Add first 50 ML Spotter Coffee and then the 20 ML of dark Rum.
Squeeze the juice out of the lime into your drink. Before you enjoy your Spotter Coffee Pirate, first put the lime in your cocktail.
Cold Brew Choco Coffee (for 2 persons)

- 1 banana
- 250 ML milk
- 1 tablespoon cacao
- Spotter Coffee
- Ice cubes

You have to try this recipe with your friend!
Delicious and easy to make.

Spotter Nitro Cointreau

- 250 ML Spotter Coffee
- Cointreau
- 3 tablespoons sugarwater 
- Cinnamon/ nutmeg
- Dark chocolate

Put 250 ML Spotter Coffee, 3 tablespoons with sugarwater and a splash of Cointreau together in a nitro bottle.
If the nitro bottle is ready to use, pour it slowly in a glass.
There will be a foam layer, because of the nitro.
Then you put the cinnamon, nutmeg and dark chocolate on top.

You van make this recipe also without the nitro. Just leave out the nitro bottle, cinnamon, nutmeg and the dark chocolate.

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